Land forces are often suffering from a lack of reliable tactical information on the battlefield to obtain accurate situational awareness relevant for increasing complex defence operations.

With unparalleled experience in the field of operational information systems and the integration of such systems into vehicles, we provide Command and Control applications from headquarters down to dismounted soldiers supporting the preparation of ever increasingly complex missions.



Command and Control applications, all along the chain of command

Fortion® TacticalC2

Tactical battle management software

Fortion TacticalC2 solution is a Command and Control software suite providing a Common Operational Picture in command centres and combat vehicles.

Airbus Land C2 display of order of operations

Airbus Land C2 operational soldier on the battlefield

Fortion® SoldierC2

Dismounted situational awareness

Fortion SoldierC2 is a tactical Command and Control software for Android tablets or smartphones, providing tools to prepare and conduct your mission.