Integrated Operations and information system

Fortion® JointC2

Integrated operations and information system

Fortion® JointC2 is designed for the Army and Joint Operations Centres Assessment, planning and direction of multi-domain operations at every joint level headquarter or command post. It provides a Common Operational Picture application, which shows on several layers all the information needed to assess the operational situation.

Fortion JointC2 is a modern operations and tasks management system which enables crucial time savings for the operator thanks to its quick installation, intuitive and user friendly interface. In addition, its planning tool provides sequences of the action planned in response to the anticipated retaliation. A synchronisation matrix is also available to display the scheduled tasks according to the task organisation. This avoids double-tasking and improves mission planning.

It is also a multilateral interoperability tool thanks to messaging gateways and tracks servers to interface with most interoperability standards. This fully collaborative environment is completed by a layered, open and modular architecture, enabling users’ access rights according to their role and authorisations.

Fortion Joint C2 direction of operations

Key features

  • Management of situational awareness and mission planning
  • Wide range of interoperability features in maps, imagery, messaging and tracks, including NATO standards
  • Fully collaborative environment (web, messaging, chat, access management, etc.)
  • Layers including real-time tracks (JREAP, Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI), Automatic Identification System (AIS)) respecting standard military symbology

Your advantages with Fortion JointC2

User friendliness - Icon

Large use of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) information and communication technology components

Scalable to user need - Icon

Modular, open and scalable (service oriented architecture)

Effective & Fast - Icon
Reduced production time for plans, orders and reports
Improved cooperation - Icon

Enhanced cooperation in multi-domain coalition operations

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