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Defence C5ISR

Increase your mission efficiency with the best intelligence

From multi-source data to actionable intelligence:

How to accelerate OODA loop decision-making?


Decisional superiority calls for a digitalised and collaborative warfighting.

Airbus Intelligence works together with our customers to guarantee improved interoperability, resilience and sovereignty thanks to affordable, adaptable and adequate solutions.

As the leading European supplier for ISR, air defence solutions and land command and control solutions, Airbus Intelligence offers the most comprehensive C5ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Cyber, Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) portfolio and related services.

Our unrivalled expertise for over three decades in satellite imagery acquisition, data processing, intelligence extraction, fusion and dissemination allied to significant command and control capabilities enable us to create a comprehensive situational awareness picture and deliver sophisticated end-to-end solutions.

Our best-in-class Airbus Intelligence C5ISR range of products & solutions support the decision makers at strategic, operational and tactical levels across the Land, Air, Sea, Joint and Intelligence environments.

Our Defence services include

Access the combat-proven Joint ISR solutions

Do you want to know where the threat is located and what actions are under preparation? Do you need to manage the Intelligence needs and disseminate the Intelligence produced to the right persons or organisations at the right time?

With decades of experience and substantial R&D efforts we can offer you highly efficient interoperable Joint ISR solutions generating and disseminating command information data at all levels to support your strategic and tactical mission requirements.

Defence C5ISR ISR solutions support strategic tactical missions

Defence C5ISR - Our Command and Control tools support soldiers on the battlefield

Get the most of our comprehensive Command and Control solutions

Whether sharing situation awareness and planning your mission in a collaborative environment, creating and exchanging tactical information on your Android tablet/smartphone or sending and receiving orders, our easy-to-use solutions offer the most comprehensive Command and Control tools to support the preparation and conduct of complex missions.

Get more out of your missions with training and simulation

Airbus provides capability-oriented training, operational training, and simulation. Each training programme can be tailored to customers’ needs in the key domains Remote Sensing, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR), Situation Assessment & Decision Making, and Smart Action Support. Airbus also offers easy-to-use and really immersive simulations like Fortion® SIMFAC, a virtual simulation solution for fire support training and Fortion® Holographic Tactical Sandbox, tool designed for use in mission preparation, based on a 3D holographic map viewable in an augmented reality helmet.

Fortion SIMFAC- Virtual Simulation Training

Defence C5ISR - Military deployable solution

State-of-the-art Military Mobile Solutions for the whole medical rescue chain

Facing the need to safely deploy troops and equipment on the field inland or remotely? For more than 30 years Airbus has provided turn-key solutions for the provision of the necessary equipment and systems for defence in key countries.
Applying the highest safety standards, Airbus is a leading system integrator for military deployable solutions such as medical and sanitary facilities, mobile command post shelter solutions, and protected transportation of troops, wounded, sensitive equipment or material.

We are by your side with our Services

Key projects call for a holistic and integrated solution that covers the entire life-cycle of complex products and systems.
Airbus provides turn-key solutions that include long-term associated services such as Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), In-Service Support (ISS), and Operational Support Services. We also offer software tools for the In-Service Support phase (IMS) and for the Planning and Exploration of  Deployable Infrastructures (PET) to ensure optimum cost-efficiency and system performance.

Defence C5ISR - Airbus is by your side with our services

Defence C5ISR -Airbus offers highly Secure Communications on the battlefield

Access the most highly Secure Communications solutions

Whether communicating through secure communications at any time and in any critical/operational situation or connecting and sharing the most critical of data using highly-intelligent end-to-end satcom systems, Airbus offers the broadest portfolio of services available today to military and defence customers with digital technology, building resilient IT infrastructure to the intelligent orchestration of information and network services.

We deliver trusted CyberSecurity for your IT, OT and platform infrastructure

Airbus CyberSecurity protects you against cyber threats and supports your business needs with reliable cyber resilient products and services. Whether you need innovative solutions to defend nations against cyber threats, maintain a secure environment for your business activities, or keep your network-connected machinery online, we operate with products and people-centric services that support and secure your assets 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Defence C5ISR- Airbus-CyberSecurity Security Operations Center 24/7 365 days

Our vision

Defence C5ISR -Airbus Intelligence  enables digitalised  warfighting on the battlefield

Decisional superiority calls for a digitalised and collaborative warfighting. Airbus is working together with its customers to guarantee improved interoperability, resilience and sovereignty thanks to affordable, adaptable and adequate solutions.

  • Providing solutions that ensure operational and technological sovereignty in a highly connected environment
  • Digitalising operations across the full mission cycle to maximise military power
  • Providing unrivalled experience for faster and smarter military operations
  • Ensuring superiority of future missions across all domains
  • Accelerating the mission cycle to allow real-time re-tasking under continuously changing conditions

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