Supporting sustainable farming practices

Satellite imagery and Crop Analytics for more productive and sustainable agriculture

The agricultural market is increasingly challenging due to the ongoing need for more sustainable farming practices. The contradictive requirement to produce more crops and manage inputs, all whilst safeguarding our environment, is driving a very strong need for agriculture satellite imagery and precision farming services.

The demand for geospatial information is estimated to more than double in the next ten years. Satellite-based Earth observation can play a key role in supporting this growth by delivering reliable, timely data, easy data access and innovative digital services.


We have a unique capacity and expertise to provide consistent crops analytics over large areas and time series thanks to proprietary overland / biophysical parameters chain, regardless of the data source. Get access to the largest satellite imagery archive on the market, in-season time-series data from 22m down to 50cm resolution, and Direct Receiving Stations.

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Our Data and Services Relevant to Answer Your Precision Farming Needs

Monitoring crop and cropland

  • Multi-resolution satellite imagery
  • Field delineation

Supporting daily farming operations

  • Data management services
  • Crop management with analytics and alerts
  • Nitrogen prescription maps (France)
  • Irrigation maps
  • Research Sandbox

Protecting farmers against climate risks

Managing national policies

What digital agriculture solution are you looking for?

Find the right solution depending on your field of activity.

Precision Farming

We help you build unparalleled precision farming insight in rapid time thanks to: Satellite Fields monitoring, vegetation maps, development status, premium analytics.

Precision Farming

Institutional Agriculture Analytics Airbus

Institutional Agriculture

Airbus supports agricultural institutions by modernising agricultural practices and land mapping, controlling farmer’s compliance to regulation, and establishing rural cadastres.

Insurance and Financial Agriculture

Our satellite imagery and big data are supporting financial and insurance activities such as monitoring of grasslands and prediction of agricultural production.

Insurance and Finance services for Agriculture

Earth Observation Imagery to Provide Information for Agriculture

	Airbus Satelite Imagery SPOT Optical Agriculture fields

Satellite imagery for agriculture

Take advantage of the most extensive and accurate ag monitoring solutions, with optical and radar satellite imagery, and a wealth of related products and services for smarter decision making in Agriculture.

Direct Receiving Station Antenna

Direct Receiving Stations (DRS)

Get direct access to our complete Earth Observation satellite constellation and processing with full security and confidentiality.

What Our Customers Say

	Uhuzam Logo


“The TARBIL project requires high resolution imagery for each of the chosen agricultural crop types in its every phrenological stage in order to monitor crop status and estimate the yield. Thanks to the Airbus constellation, with its high spatial and temporal resolution, we can provide the TARBIL project its much needed country-wide satellite imagery."

Prof.Dr. Elif SERTEL


	Logo Simplot


“Satellite imagery is the backbone of our SmartFarm® Precision Agriculture platform. The high-resolution, high-frequency imagery we receive from Airbus enables our crop advisors to quickly respond, and with more agronomic insight, to issues occur during the growing season.

Allan Fetters 
Director, Technology
J.R. Simplot Company




	The Climate Corporation Logo

Climate Corporation

“High-quality satellite imagery integrated into a farmer’s Climate FieldView account can bring in more consistent and invaluable field-level insights. This partnership with Airbus supports Climate’s commitment to deliver the most robust imagery ecosystem on the farm, helping farmers make important decisions tailored precisely to their individual fields.

Steven Ward
Senior Director
Geospatial and Weather Sciences at The Climate Corporation

	Descartes Labs Logo

Descartes Labs

"At Descartes Labs, we help companies across the agricultural supply chain extract insights from geospatial data. The Airbus SPOT and Pleiades collections power predictive analytics into agricultural production, supply chain efficiencies, and sustainability that aren't otherwise available. These data sets are a valuable business asset."

Fritz Schlereth
Head of Product
Descartes Labs


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