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Having served customers in many industries for 30+ years, we understand that each sector comes with its specific set of requirements, legacy solutions, regulations and challenges. Listening to our customers and partners and working in close partnership with them - before, during and after delivery - allows us to develop products and solutions that perfectly meet their needs and helping them succeed in their respective activities.


We serve multiple markets

Defence Market Illustration


To make the best decisions, you need the best intelligence. We provide a comprehensive range of defence solutions and systems to ensure decision makers can anticipate and respond to critical events and missions.

	Maritime surveillance for safer oceans


Maritime Surveillance has become a huge challenge over the past decades, particularly in regions where maritime traffic represents the major economic interest. We are in a unique position to provide solutions to the maritime market that extend surveillance capacities from coastal areas to open seas.

Supporting sustainable farming practices


The contradictive requirements to produce more food, manage inputs and protect the environment are driving a strong agricultural demand for geodata. Our services support actors in the agriculture domain in the development of productive and sustainable practices.


From Public Safety to Emergency Response and National Security


Today, Public Safety and emergency organisations face a multitude of distinct challenges to maintain the safety of citizens and infrastructure. We support key decision-makers in the security domain by turning the latest geospatial data into reliable information.


	Earth Observation for Exploration, Development and Production

Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy

Depletion of natural resources and a growing demand, drive Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy companies to search for new exploration sites and develop projects in remote areas. From onshore gas to deep-water oil, our products support oil, gas and mining operators to maximise their existing assets while minimising costs and risks.


Monitoring forests and environment with satellites

Forestry and Environment

The ever-growing environmental pressures on forestry management are now closely monitored and regulated to reconcile economic growth, social development and environmental stewardship. Our imagery and large-area monitoring services support decision makers in the sustainable management of forest ecosystems.


National mapping and sustainable land administration

Land Administration and Mapping

Land Administration and Mapping are significant domains of activity, consistently growing worldwide and evolving continuously for the sustainable benefits of citizens, state and business. We provide reliable and accurate data sources for mapping, as well as having high expertise in Land Administration for over 10 years.

Supporting civil engineering and infrastructure projects

Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

Civil engineering and infrastructure development are strong governmental drivers worldwide, coming with a growing pressure on the environment. With over 20 years' experience, our solutions support feasibility studies, design, building and regeneration project for the worldwide engineering community.

	Supporting the insurance sector with geospatial data


Actors in the insurance market are increasingly leveraging geospatial data and analytics across the value chain.





	Supporting financial markets with geospatial insight

Finance and Banking

Our finance solutions provide comprehensive tools for visualising property risk information and assessing the impact of climate change on environmental perils, ideal for mortgage lenders and risk managers.



What our customers say

James Crawford, CEO & Founder Orbital Insight

Orbital Insight

"We are excited to work with Airbus to make that combination of imagery and analytics available at scale to our customers and to decision makers all around the world."

James Crawford,
CEO & Founder,
Orbital Insight



	Logo Simplot

J.R. Simplot Company

"The high resolution, high frequency imagery we receive from Airbus enables our crop advisors to quickly respond with more agronomic insight to issues occurring in the growing season"

Allan Fetters,
Director of Technology,
J.R. Simplot Company 


	HawkEye 360 company logo

HawkEye 360

“Airbus is an exceptional partner and investor as we develop and deliver our vision for the future of space-based RF data and analytics. Together we build sophisticated products and services that intelligently leverage a more comprehensive range of data than previously commercially available.”

John Serafini,
Chief Executive Officer,
HawkEye 360

	Bruno Sainte-Rose Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup

"Coordination with the Airbus Tasking Team was a key factor in the success of our project, which combined programming, algorithms and navigation. This experience makes it possible to consider many new ways of improving the detection of offshore plastic.”

Bruno Sainte Rose,
Fluid Mechanic Expert,
The Ocean Cleanup

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