Forest and Environment

Forest and Environment Monitoring Forests by Satellite

The ever-growing environmental pressures exerted on forests are now closely monitored and regulatory frameworks are being put in place to reconcile economic growth, social development and environmental stewardship.

Sustainable management of forest ecosystems is strongly encouraged and funded, for example through new monetisation mechanisms like REDD+.

Our imagery is a key enabling technology in bringing vision of the past, updated and reliable information to manage risks and support decision making, and transparency through the capacity to regularly monitor large areas.

Forest Mapping

Your Needs

  • Set-up REDD+ national strategy, e.g. establish historical forest area changes, implement forest monitoring solution as cornerstone of MRV systems
  • Verify impact of your no deforestation policies and transform industry towards sustainable practices
  • Perform cost-effective and accurate forest inventory, at national or local scales



For Organisations Committed to No Deforestation

Independent verification service for "no deforestation" policies.
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Optical and Radar Constellation

The Most Extensive and Accurate Imagery Solutions with a Unique Constellation

Take advantage of the most extensive and accurate surveillance solutions, with optical and radar satellite imagery, and a wealth of related products and services for smarter decision making.
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DMC Constellation

Rapid Repeat Coverage of the Largest Countries, Regions and Continents

Access to the DMC Constellation data supports our users in the development of applications and services across various markets such as wide-area change detection, forestry, agriculture, disaster management, land cover mapping and environmental monitoring.
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