June 2018
Empowering Intelligent Decision-Making

Airbus is the expert in intelligence integration, with decades of experience and references from key ministries across Europe and the globe. Our team of intelligence experts constantly develops and refines customer-centric systems to ensure customer challenges are answered with specific solutions.

Airbus now offers geospatial intelligence centres: secure platforms that bring together multiple-intelligence sources, giving you the visibility to make informed decisions. The geospatial intelligence centre brings together imagery intelligence (IMINT), open source intelligence (OSINT) with geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), with the option to easily import and fuse other sources.

Satellite Imagery Intelligence for Defence Operations
When lives are at stake, defence and security-related decisions require accurate, actionable intelligence and a detailed understanding of the situation on the ground. Earth observation satellites have become an invaluable resource for defence and security missions, especially when planning operations and mission deployments remotely.

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Merging Tactical and Internet World with Fortion® SoldierC2

Airbus’ SoldierC2 provides a unique digital solution for the dismounted soldier, making processes of command easier by integrating new AndroidTM app features and improving the overall conduct of missions.
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TerraSAR-X Reveals the Smallest Changes

The ability of Airbus SAR sensors to identify and measure even subtle changes in a target area provides a very powerful tool for detailed military and/or environmental monitoring applications.
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Our Products in Action
A Geospatial Intelligence Centre to Improve Situational Awareness in The Middle East

A Geospatial Intelligence Centre to Improve Situational Awareness in The Middle EastAirbus has unique expertise in providing entirely customizable solutions to answer complex intelligence needs. It successfully delivered a complete and operational GeoINT Centre to a sovereign country in the Middle East within 18 months, satisfying the customer’s need for secure, reliable and actionable information.
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Automated Aerial Delivery: Providing Forces with Supplies in Urban Environments

Skyways is an automated package last mile delivery system, combining unmanned drones and Unmanned Traffic Management software provided by Airbus – Intelligence. Providing supplies and medical goods to disaster-hit cities will soon be possible.
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The new Defence Solutions brochure presenting the complete defence portfolio from strategic to tactical level is now available and can be downloaded.
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