Monitoring Services for Infrastructure

Measure ground displacement and structural movement of infrastructure

Surface movements induced by man-made activities or natural events can be unexpected and far-reaching. They may endanger infrastructure and even human lives.
Our precise monitoring solutions for Infrastructure planning and construction provide measurements of ground surface movement (uplift or subsidence) with millimetre precision - all remotely from space.

Surface Movement Monitoring - Millimetre Precision from Space

Surface Movement Monitoring (SMM) provides measurements of ground surface movement (uplift or subsidence) with millimetre precision and high resolution from space. Our service supports you to ensure the security or effective performance of your project or activities. Input data from radar satellites such as TerraSAR-X, PAZ and Sentinel-1 are utilized. We provide individual baseline studies as well as long term monitoring requests and updated studies (for e.g. along multi-year oil and gas production or larger construction projects).

Access your results online via the SMM GeoView portal.

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The Mosul dam is the largest dam in Iraq and well known for its instability as the riverbed is made of unstable soft soil and gypsum. The TerraSAR-X satellite helps to monitor the structure’s stability and to identify risks. For more information see here

SMM GeoView

SMM GeoView is an online Viewer for surface movement measurement results. Individual user accounts allow for user specific visualisation of measurement results. The Portal provides interactive GIS functionalities and full access to the complete measurement time series.

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Surface Movement Monitoring key features:

  • One-Stop-Shop: We care for optimum satellite tasking and archive search
  • Large area coverage and high density of measurement points
  • Access to historic movement time series for every single measurement points
  • Intersection with infrastructure elements (e.g. buildings, roads, rail tracks)
  • Online and offline access to measurements


Your Advantages with Airbus Surface Movement Monitoring:

Effective & Fast - Icon


Measurement in millimetre range

Different data sources, sensors - Icon


High revisit frequency of TerraSAR-X / PAZ constellation allows monitoring of dynamic processes

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Large coverage and high density of measurement points allows analysis of spatially complex and small-scaled phenomena

Cost efficient - Icon

Remotely sensed input data from space minimising costs and risk for on-site staff

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