Mapping the World's Human Settlements

We are living in an urbanised world where human activities are an important driver of global change processes. Investing in an improved understanding of the extent and spatial distribution of human settlements is an important step in building a more sustainable urban future. Explore the WorldDEM Urban Footprint – the homogeneous gobal mask of settlements and urban structures.

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TripleSat – A New Opportunity for You
We have signed an agreement with Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology, to provide you direct access to images of the TripleSat constellation. Explore what's in it for you.
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North Korea Monitoring Offer
Increasing nuclear activity and missile launches in North Korea attracted the attention of the international defence community. To answer the need for insight, a North Korea monitoring offer has just been designed.
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Airbus Earth Observation Challenge: The Winner is...!
The winning British start-up Orbital Witness proposes to use satellite imagery to provide a new perspective for legal due diligence in real estate.
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Starling Supports Nestlé in Monitoring Their Forest Impact
The versatile information from our satellite data can be exploited to benefit communities, regions and nations. See what is in it for your application area. Episode 1: Starling
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Battle Damage Assessment over Al Shayrat Airbase

The Battle or Bomb Damage Assessment is a key military activity to evaluate the results and efficiency of strikes. To assess the US BDA over Al Shayrat Airbase from 7 April, Airbus Pléiades captured detailed images afterwards.
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In early 2018, the PAZ satellite (owner and operator: Hisdesat) will be launched into the same orbit as TerraSAR-X /TanDEM-X yielding the new TerraSAR-X / PAZ Constellation. Stay tuned for more to come!
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