JULY 2017
Up-to-Date Maps for Military Operations

When peacekeeping forces take to new terrain, every move is critical. MGP, our exclusive standalone deployable mapping solution, provides troops on the ground with more than just a pretty picture.

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WorldDEM Summer Sale

Hot Summer – Cool Prices! The World in 3D at Half the Price! Benefit from 50% discount off the regular pricelist for your WorldDEM™ order during the months of July and August 2017.

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24/7 Emergency Service for Vital Information
In an emergency situation detailed information is vital. The 24/7 Emergency Service rapidly collects and delivers the information and intelligence you need – enabling you to make informed decisions when the pressure is on and time is of the essence. You can rely on us!
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Global Earth Observation Challenge
You are a driven start-up ready to take on a challenge that uses the best technology and a unique approach? You have great ideas to develop new and creative businesses out of it? Then, this challenge is for you: Join the Airbus Global Earth Observation Challenge!
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TerraSAR-X – A 10 Years Success-Story
10 years of outstanding service! Go have a look at the fact sheet and the history of TerraSAR-X from the day of launch until today.
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One Atlas – The World's Freshest Basemap
Discover One Atlas – the easy, quick and highly affordable way to explore Airbus's comprehensive imagery collection.
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Hijacked Oil Tanker Found with the Help of Pléiades
In March 2017 Somali pirates captured the Aris 13 oil tanker and its crew members. By combining the Automatic Identification System (AIS) and the Pléiades satellites, Airbus helped locating the vessel in only two days.
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The webinar shows how 'Starling' is supporting the genuine transformation of the palm oil industry by using an advanced combination of optical and radar satellite technology. Watch the webinar!
Find a selection of TerraSAR-X images over the last 10 years in our Satellite Image Gallery!
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