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Copernicus Masters: Develop Your Innovative Earth Observation Solution with Airbus Datasets
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Airbus Multi-Data Challenge

Airbus Defence and Space is looking for solutions that use both Sentinel and Airbus Earth observation data to deliver value-added services for specific markets, such as Smart Cities, Maritime, Defence & Security, Forestry, and Agriculture. Participants with solutions for other markets are also eligible to enter the challenge. Solutions should be technically feasible, commercially viable and clearly show the connection between Copernicus and Airbus EO data. 

To support the prototyping of such new value-added services, participants of the Airbus Multi-Data Challenge will receive free access to numerous datasets via its OneAtlas Sandbox Platform: Pléiades, SPOT, TerraSAR-X, WorldDEM™, and DMC Constellation imagery sets, Machine Learning samples and various APIs are available through the platform for participants to combine with Sentinel data for the development of their solutions. Additional data sources, such as IoT, AIS, GPS, Open data etc., may also be used in the solution. Note that use of this Sandbox Platform is also open to participants of other Copernicus Masters challenges.

You can win

  • EUR 100,000 Airbus satellite data voucher for the Airbus GeoStore
  • Access to OneAtlas Playground (if eligible)
  • Business development support from technical and market experts within Airbus to develop the winning solution
  • Once the solution has demonstrated technical feasibility and commercial viability, the winner will have the opportunity to present their solution to Airbus stakeholders such as Airbus Ventures and BizLabs, opening the door to potential partnerships

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions to the Airbus Multi-Data Challenge will be evaluated against the following criteria:
  • Technical Innovation: Does the solution demonstrate novel data processing capabilities?
  • Business Innovation: Does the solution demonstrate novel business models for this industry?
  • Airbus Connection: To what extent does the solution leverage Airbus Earth observation products and services?
  • Business Credibility:  Does the solution have real market potential?
  • Technical Feasibility: Does the technical element of the solution allow for future scalability that will answer business needs?

Copernicus Masters


AZO Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen (Germany) launched the Copernicus Masters in 2011 on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) and with the strong support of world-class partners as part of their mission to foster the User Uptake of the Copernicus programme. The Copernicus Masters is looking for new applications in Earth observation (EO) addressing a wide area of application fields. These include agriculture, environment protection, construction and urban management (to name a few) as EO and big data from space offer great potential for the creation of innovative products and services. The Copernicus Masters is an international competition with the objective to drive Copernicus User Uptake and thus respective business cases. With the expansion of the Copernicus Space Component every year, new prize categories enable solutions that tackle global challenges.

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