TripleSat – A New Opportunity for You

Artist's rendition of the DMC-3 constellation in orbit

Artist's rendition of the TripleSat constellation in orbit (image credit: SSTL)

We signed a Master distributor agreement with 21AT (Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Company Ltd.), to allow a worldwide distribution of the TripleSat very high resolution images. The TripleSat constellation is the enabler for customers’ operational and sustainable application.

The TripleSat* constellation consists of three identical optical Earth observation satellites. Satellite imagery is available at 0.8m resolution with a highly reactive service. The satellites are 120° apart around the same orbit and are able to target daily any point of the Earth. The acquisition capacity is a half million km² per day. TripleSat satellites simultaneously acquire Panchromatic and Multispectral bands in blue, green, red and near infrared.

These satellites are ideal for the urban and infrastructure planning and development, but also for the defence needs, the security, disaster and emergency response. TripleSat is designed to cover large areas thanks to long-strips collection along the track.

Commercial start to be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Technical specificities:

Number of satellites 3 - Three identical satellite constellation
Launch July 10, 2015
Orbit Sun-synchronous, 10:30AM descending node, 651 km altitude
Spectral bands Blue, Green, Red, Near Infrared for all acquisitions
Product resolution Panchromatic 0.8m;  Multispectral 3.2m
Geolocalisation accuracy (native) < 50 m CE90 at Nadir
Dynamic Range and acquisition 10 bits
Swath 24 km at Nadir
Revisit capacity Daily, everywhere (<35° off-nadir)
Pointing agility ±45°


*TripleSat is also known as DMC-3 or Beijing-2 and was built in the UK by SSTL. The satellites are operated by 21AT in China since their launch in July 2015. The projected mission life time is 7 years.