Worldwide Coverage less than 1 Year Old

Enjoy the unique power of our satellite constellation! Combine the big picture provided by SPOT 6/7 and the sharp details offered by Pléiades .

We are currently building the most comprehensive archive: first covering all landmass worldwide every year at 1.5m, and then combining it with hot spots at 0.5m.

Our archive in three words: smart, consistent and fresh.  

We Promise You the World… Every Year!

With a collection capacity of up to 6 million sq. km every day, SPOT 6/7 has tirelessly acquired most of the Earth land surface over the last 12 months.  

National mapping projects and large-scale applications benefit from fresh reference images.

SPOT 6/7 coverage 2015

SPOT 6/7 Archive Coverage: 95% of landmass!
Cloud cover < 15%*
Combined angle < 30°

* Validation buffer of 5% in difficult areas

Now, we are happy to announce a complete global coverage every year.

Hot Spots at High Resolution

Among key targets, cities are of great interest when it comes to applications such as urban area mapping, infrastructure planning and ensuring civil security.

Pléiades has acquired over 650 major cities across all continents, within the last few months, including the 200 most recent cities in less than 3 weeks!

Pléiades Cities - 2015

Check the availability of your city/ cities in our database

Download .kmz

xlsx Cities list .xls

What is your country of interest?

We would be happy to integrate it in our tasking plan.

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority: speculative tasking is complementary to daily customers’ requests. The available resources will always serve our clients’ needs and projects first.

Worldwide Coverage less than 1 Year Old

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