TerraSAR-X Wide ScanSAR

Wide-area SAR Data

With the new Wide ScanSAR Mode, TerraSAR-X has been optimised for maritime monitoring applications and supports the continuous weather & daylight-independent monitoring of vessel traffic, sea ice conditions, oil pollution, wind & wave measurements, etc.

Perfect for Your Maritime Monitoring Requirements

TerraSAR-X Wide ScanSAR Acquisition - Gulf of Botnia, Finland

The new Wide ScanSAR mode provides an overview of an area of up to 400,000km² within a single acquisition - anywhere and independent of weather conditions.


  • Spatial resolution: up to 40m
  • Scene size): 270km (width) x 200km (length), length extendable to 1,500km
  • Rapid tasking  and NRT-delivery available for time-critical requests

Enhance Your Maritime Surveillance Applications

Wide ScanSAR data is ideally suited for wide-area Open Ocean Surveillance, contributing to the security, safety and efficiency of maritime activities around the globe. See how Airbus Defence and Space geo-experts can support your projects :