TerraSAR-X Documentation

TerraSAR-X Satellite Image - Colour Composite based on three StripMap images - Dessau, Germany

TerraSAR-X Colour Composite of a landscape in Germany

TerraSAR-X Application Guide (PDF, 4 MB)

pdf TerraSAR-X Image Product Guide : Document providing more detailed information on available products and ordering options (PDF, 1.1 MB)

pdf Basic Product Specifications : Document detailing technical information on TerraSAR-X imaging modes, product types, processing options (PDF, 8.3 MB)

pdf Level 1B Product Format Specifications : Document specifying the format of delivery, data structure, metadata information of TerraSAR-X data products (PDF, 4.2 MB)

pdf TerraSAR-X Value Added Product Specification : Document providing more detailed information on TerraSAR-X Services Value Added Products (PDF, 2.6 MB) 

pdf Enhanced Image Products Format Specification : Document providing an overview of the TerraSAR-X Enhanced Image Products and details their naming convention, the delivery content and package structure of these products as well as giving a detailed description of their metadata (PDF, 710 KB)

pdf Radiometric Calibration of TerraSAR-X Data : Document providing more detailed information about TerraSAR-X data absolute calibration (Beta Naught and Sigma Naught Coefficient Calculation) (PDF, 3.8 MB)

pdf TerraSAR-X Services Abbreviations and Acronyms : Document explaining frequently used abbreviations and acronyms  (PDF, 200 KB)

TerraSAR-X Services Data Delivery

pdf TerraSAR-X Services Data Download via FTPS : Document explaining the delivery and download of TerraSAR-X Services Data via FTPS and Aspera Connect  (PDF, 1 MB)

zip Filezilla Setup (.zip file) : Program to download TerraSAR-X Services Data via FTPS (ZIP, 4.6 MB). Please download this programme and install on your computer.