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Based on an exclusive access to Pléiades, SPOT, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X (radar and optical satellites), our extensive portfolio spans the entire geo-information value chain.

Airbus Defence and Space provides decision makers with sustainable solutions to increase security, optimize mission planning and operations, boost performance, improve management of natural resources and, last but not least, protect our environment.


From Satellite Imagery to Turnkey Solutions

From data acquisition and processing, to data management and hosting, we provide sophisticated geo-information services and turnkey integrated solutions that deliver exactly what you need, when and where you need it – across a comprehensive range of markets.

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Satellite Imagery

Airbus Defence and Space provides unrivalled access to the most comprehensive range of commercial Earth observation data available today.
We cover any point on Earth at least once a day!

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TerraSAR-X Radar Mosaic - Tenerife

Radar Mosaic, Teneriffe

Base Maps

Regional, national or even transnational seamless geodata coverages of Earth observation imagery, maps in resolutions as low as 0.5m, and elevation models as precise as 1m.
National coverage of more than 100 countries!

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DRS Antenna

Data Access and Management

Make your mark in the Earth-observation market with direct access to Airbus Defence and Space satellite imagery and boost your geodata management (and thus your business!) with our Cloud Services.
Geospatial data access and management – easy!

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GO Monitor - Fukushima Monitoring

Monitoring Services

Rely on our satellites to monitor and analyse your assets. You are alerted about changes or events in your individual AOI that may have an impact on your activity.
We can update you on a daily basis!

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Pixel Factory Processing

Pixel Factory™

Platforms & Software

Based on our extensive experience in Earth observation, we have developed systems and software that bring experience to your working environment.
Innovative geodata processing and comprehensive turnkey solutions, tailored to your need!

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Our Activity

Sample Imagery


Did you know?

With our WorldDEMTM, we are the first to provide a global elevation model, seamless and homogeneous, in a 12m x 12m raster.

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