Precision agriculture with satellite imagery
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Today, precision agriculture is about three key elements: saving time, reducing cost, and environmental stewardship.
To answer these growing needs for more efficient and more sustainable precision farming, Astrium Services has developed PixAgri, an offer available on all crops and for every country.

From precision to decision

The tool to track crop status at field and district level

PixAgri is a comprehensive service, available worldwide, that gives farming professionals more control over practices and inputs to achieve maximum profitability, by delivering field-level maps providing crop status information to help you make the right decisions.

PixAgri provides :

  • Crop development maps at key decision stages,
  • Customer service on hand throughout the campaign,
  • A personnal web access to the available maps.
Pixagri - Processed Satellite Image of Parcels
Key Benefits
  • Being informed on crop condition and development at key decision stages
  • Being informed on surface estimation that drives the estimated yield production
  • Optimizing inputs and adjusting field operations and practices to farm with cost effectiveness
  • Gaining a strategic and operational vision of your fields
  • Adopting a dynamic, effective approach to crop management based on spatially and temporally reliable, comparable data
  • Optimizing supply chain and logistics process
  • Adopting sustainable practices
PixAgri - Crop Monitoring Workflow

PixAgri - Crop monitoring workflow

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 PixAgri Suite

The pack offers a

subscription service covering a full cropping campaign

. We use a range of satellite data combined with tried-and-tested agronomic models to give you the information you need.

Prior to a campaign, our experts help you define your project on the basis of your objectives and specific cropping conditions (type of crop, field size, cropping calendar, etc.).


  • GeoPack, field boundary mapping;
  • Zoning Pack, sub-field zoning;
  • Agro Pack, field support;
  • Agro+ Pack, tailored crop science advice;
  • Training Pack, tailored training.