Geo-Intelligence Services & Products

Based on a unique constellation of Earth observation satellites, Airbus Defence and Space’s Geo-Intelligence experts offer a sophisticated portfolio:

From pure satellite imagery to value-added products and all the way to efficient data management solutions and leading-edge software.

Discover the variety of what we have to offer!


Pleiades and SPOT Constellation

Satellite Imagery

Our globally unique satellite fleet, which comprises both optical satellites and radar satellites, reliably acquires imagery every day since 1986.
With resolutions down to 25cm, weather-independent acquisition capacities and daily revisit options, you can be sure that we will deliver the image you need, when you need it.

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WorldDEM sketch

Base Maps

Based on our extensive archives as well as the latest leading-edge technologies, we are ablt offer a wide range of base maps.
Ranging from historic satellite maps to highly up-to-date country coverages and the recent mission for the first complete, globally homogeneous elevation model, Airbus Defence and Space is sure to have exactly the base layer you need.

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Operational data management

Access & Management of Geodata

As the amount and quality of available geospatial data grow, easy data access and efficient data management become the key to successful operations.
Hence, we are offering a range of sophisticated data access and data management solutions, suitable for a variety of business needs.

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Platforms & Software

Geo-Intelligence Platforms & Software

Decades of experience and substantial R&D efforts allow Airbus Defence and Space’s geo-intelligence experts to offer highly sophisticated geodata processing tools and leading-edge geodata platforms.

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Did you know?

With our satellite constellation, we can cover any point on earth at least once a day!