Agricultural Information System

An interoperable agriculture Spatial Data Infrastructure system

Agricultural administrations at all scales needs to be able to access, integrate, use and share spatial data from disparate sources that supports their decision-making in terms of agricultural policies (subsidies, investment, structuration of ag production, water management, preservation of natural habitats, management of agricultural land,…) and modernization of their agriculture.

Agricultural Information System

Airbus Defence and Space is covering all value chain from access to satellite sensors to the engineering of an agricultural information system and the production of agricultural and land-use data sets.

Airbus Defence and Space provides consultancy services, project management and capacity building on top of AgriNSDI solutions that integrate geo-information as an input to guide decision-making:

  • Geospatial data development of agricultural reference information layers
  • Metadata definition: geodata repositories and digital libraries related to agriculture
  • Development of modules for geospatial data visualization
  • Development of modules for geospatial data access, sharing and delivery
  • Development of modules for data processing and analytics thanks to multiple data fusion

Agricultural information systems are customized according to country context, agricultural land structure, specific agricultural issues on focus (modernization of agriculture, sustainable development, development of agro-environmental practices,…) and agricultural stakeholders (central administrations, regional decision-makers and local communities).

AgriNSDI delivered by Airbus Defence and Space are structured around:

  • Delivery of satellite images and integration of customer propietary databases
  • Data stream on biophysical layers, agricultural land-use statistics, land parcel reference, crop distribution and agricultural thematic maps,…
  • Trend analysis maps such as spatial and temporal variations of agricultural land, crop production monitoring,…
  • Decision support tools for the definition and the evaluation of agricultural and environmental policies.

The AgriNSDI exists in cloud, local architecture or integrated into more complex systems such as integrated geo-information bespoke solutions and complies with INSPIRE and OGC standards for increased interoperability, user accessibility, and ease of sharing of all the information vital to the decision process.


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Agricultural Information System