Agricultural business intelligence

When there is the need to get a real world perspective to move ahead on soft commodities markets.

Market traders, corporate and investment banks, trading houses, commodity exchange, agriculture advisory firms, ag research and analysts, insurance corporations, hedge funds and investors need a real world perspective on crop production they can rely on for moving ahead quickly on agricultural commodities markets.

These markets are today more volatile, complex and faster moving than ever before.
Because uncertain times call for absolute certainty, Airbus Defence and Space and ZedX, Inc. have joined efforts and expertise in remote sensing and agro-meteo modelling to deliver independent, accurate and reliable daily intelligence for market participants to:

Yuma, Arizona, United States - SPOT 5 satellite image © CNES 2004

Yuma, Arizona, United States
SPOT 5 satellite image © CNES 2004

  • Monitor overall growing conditions and planting patterns on the world’s major agricultural basins;
  • Track the development of corn, soybean and other crops in near real time from the office;
  • Anticipate shifts in soft commodity markets on the supply side;

…in order for them to succeed on:

  • Managing risk linked to crop supply variability;
  • Planning ahead with confidence on crop-focus funds;
  • Delivering refined customized analysis to customers with ground-level input data;
  • Making sound commodity trading decisions on physical and futures market;
  • Delivering maximum efficiency across physical and financial trade lifecycles.
Khufra, Lybie Image satellite SPOT 5 © CNES 2002

Khufra, Lybia
SPOT 5 Satellite Image © CNES 2002


  • Worldwide coverage
  • Major traded commodities
  • forward-looking snapshots: a view of the future regarging crop production worldwide
  • Near Real Time information
  • Input data to analyze and predict agricultural commodities supply and demand and its impact on the market
  • Up to daily reports on the supply side of the agricultural markets: production forecasts, planted area, yield estimates, crop conditions and much more
  • Visualization and query tools to export data and create reports and dashboards
  • Intuitive navigation on our web platform
  • Backtesting reports
  • Historical context and benchmark reports

Agricultural business intelligence

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