Worldwide 3D geographic reference database for all global coverage needs

Elevation30 is a unique 3D geographic reference database for areas Worldwide, especially designed for large-area coverage for mapping, GIS and military needs.

Derived from optical satellite data, merged with radar data especially over cloudy areas, Elevation30 features a greater coverage, independent of terrain characteristics and weather conditions. The models include “first surface” elevation, including vegetation and man-made structures.

Elevation30 - SPOTDEM on Dead Sea
Key Benefits
  • Up to 8m vertical accuracy
  • Based on DTED level 2 standards
  • Available over 80 million km² worldwide (end 2014)
  • Rapid delivery
  • Ideal for defence, mapping and terrain modelling applications

80 Million km² Available (end 2014)

Elevation30 - HRS and Reference 3D coverage

An unlimited source of ground control points

Elevation30 ortho-images provide ground control points with an accuracy better than 10m CE90, hence accurate enough to ensure GPS compatibility:
They can be used to orthorectify imagery from most Earth observation satellites (Pléiades, the SPOT family, FORMOSAT-2, the DMC-Constellation, WorldView-1 to -3, QuickBird, IKONOS,Kompsat-2, TerraSAR-X, GeoEye, Landsat, Radarsat, Envisat, etc...) when positional data is not available.

3D Satellite Iimage, Dead Sea, Jordan/ Israel

3D Satellite Iimage, Dead Sea, Jordan/ Israel

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Case studies

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European Commission (JRC), French Ministry of Defence, United Nations, NGA, Total, BRGM, CEA, European Commission (JRC), CRTS, South Korean Ministry of Defence, EDF, NPA, Sagem, Shell, German Ministry of Defence, French Ministry of Defence, INTA Space Turk.