Pixel Factory offers interoperable processing from any sensor whether you are working with satellite drone, or UAV imagery. With quick and easy processing options in the cloud, users don’t have to invest in any hardware and have access to the software 24/7 - from any device.

From orthorectification to color balancing, mosaics to 3D mesh models PixelFactory offers many advanced image processing capabilities, saving users time and money.

Need custom processing plans? We’ve got that too. Customize your processing workflows to help optimize your resources and pay only for what you need.


Some Processing Options Include:

Ortho Image - Pixel Factory Offer

Ortho / True Ortho Image:

Orthorectification algorithms with best in class computation. Use of any projection and datum to get the most accurate results.

Sample Mosaic - Pixel Factory Offer


Large scale mosaic processing includes advanced options such as automatic cutline, import of external DSM, radiometric statistical algorithms.

Color balanced image - Pixel factory offer

Advanced Color Balancing:

Robust radiometric statistical algorithms to cope with outliers introduced by clouds / shadows

 3D Mesh Models, Pixel Factory Offer

3D Mesh Models:

3D Mesh model computed from Aerial oblique imagery. Possibly to import a Cloud of Points. Export formats include .obj, .dae, .3ds…

DEM, Pixel Factory Offer

Digital Elevation Model:

Very high resolution digital surface model and digital terrain models can be produced. New technique with image similarity approach available for optical, SAR and airborne imagery is available.

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