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Efficient Geodata Processing and Effective Platforms

Decades of experience and substantial R&D efforts allow us to offer highly sophisticated geodata processing tools and leading-edge geodata platforms. Our customers appreciate these solutions in their day-to-day work, be it in the intelligence domain or public safety and emergency operations.

Pixel Factory Neo - Taking Earth Observation Data Processing to the Next Level

Pixel Factory and Street Factory are state-of-the-art industrial geoprocessing systems, designed to produce a wide range of cartographic end products of unparalleled quality. Following over 30 years of evolution, the new Pixel Factory Neo provides a large range of products with high accuracy and productivity, while integrating the most recent developments of Street Factory and Pixel Factory. 

Combining quality, performance and versatility, Pixel Factory Neo covers the requirements of all organisations and project teams involved in mapping, planning, defense and security as well as disaster management.

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Pixel Factory Neo key features:

  • Multi-Sensor: Support of both radar and optical sensors on any platform incl. satellites, manned and unmanned aerial vehicles as well as cars or hand-held devices
  • Multi-Product: Process all base layer products including DSM, DTM, Ortho images, True Ortho™ images, cloud-free mosaics, 3D TIN models
  • High Performance: Deployed on bare metal solution or in the Cloud, the solution is processing vast volumes of raw Earth observation data
  • Flexible Interface: Open to any other third party software and tools
  • Comprehensive Support: A team of dedicated experts at Airbus Defence and Space are supporting customers in their daily activity by providing training and assistance

Your advantages with Pixel Factory Neo:

High quality & Reliability - Icon

High Quality: Highly accurate reference layer in 2D and 3D, with production of seamless country-wide mosaics and 3D city models

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Maximum Flexibility: No limitations in terms of volume and size of data

User friendliness - Icon

Easy-to-Use: Intuitive interfaces, centralised production management and remote access

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