Data Management Portals

Manage Data with Ease and Confidence

Airbus DS Data Management Portals are a trusted turnkey solution for data management, providing you with secure single-point access to all of your data and are customizable for ease of integration into existing workflows.

  • DataDoors Portals are a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which include a map-centric interface that allows organizations to efficiently manage and process vast archives of imagery, LiDAR, terrain and map data in one centralized location. DataDoors Portals provide your business with a secure place to store your data while maintaining full control over individual access rights. The solution allows you to easily collaborate on projects and to process, download, and deliver geospatial data in multiple formats to internal users as well as customers via a simple e-commerce functionality.
  • GetGeo Portals are built on our GetGeo framework architecture and provided as part of a fully customized solution. These portals enable users to easily store, supply, analyze, monitor and collaborate on their data. 

The Dutch Satellite Data Portal pictured above won the 2014 Geospatial World Technology Innovation in Big Data award for their ability to use this Airbus DS Data Management Portal to distribute imagery collected daily to all citizens of the Netherlands.

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