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Our unique satellite constellation, combined with over 30 years’ experience in Intelligence, make us the perfect partner for oil, gas and mining organisations. We provide a range of precise and cost-effective monitoring services for every stage of the project lifecycle.

ShaleScanner - Monitoring Unconventional Oil Production

In 2018, almost 60% of the total crude oil production in North America was from unconventionals. Precise monitoring of the well pad lifecycle is key to quantifying the impact on shale oil supply, which until now has not been possible.

ShaleScanner Illustration

ShaleScanner provides the solution!

With Airbus’ ShaleScanner, we combine high-resolution satellite imagery with advanced analytics to provide unprecedented access to insights on drilling, hydraulic fracturing, completion and oil production.

This new innovative service has the potential to transform monitoring oil shale basins, providing precise data on drilling and completions months ahead of public information sources.

ShaleScanner key features:

  • Identifies when a well pad has been cleared independent of drilling permit data
  • Delivers updates on wells as they transition from drilled but uncompleted status (DUCs), through to hydraulic fracturing up to 2 months ahead of other sources.
  • Offers detailed insights on the entire well pad lifecycle underpinned by high-resolution satellite imagery.

Your Advantages with ShaleScanner:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Obtain factual information up to two months ahead of public data.

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

More detailed identification of specific well stage in lifecycle. Identify when a pad is cleared, well is a DUC, or well is completed.

Effective & Fast_1 - Icon

Make decisions with more confidence by using a dataset derived from detailed, high-resolution satellite imagery.

Improved cooperation - Icon

From well pad clearing to completion status, ShaleScanner covers all stages of the well pad lifecycle.

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RefineryScanner - Monitoring Insights for Shutdown

Airbus’ RefineryScanner combines weekly refreshed satellite imagery with advanced analytics to indicate refinery shutdowns up to six weeks ahead of the market, as well as drawing implications on crude capacity.

RefineryScanner launches

RefineryScanner enables users to:

  • Systematically monitor refinery activity on a global scale
  • View the latest satellite imagery for indication of shutdown activity
  • Gather information of refineries undergoing planned, unexpected and extended maintenance
  • Translate shutdown data to more accurately assess the potential impact on demand and supply flows for crude oil and derived products
  • Draw more precise insights on global or regional refining capacity
  • Access information via a dedicated online dashboard, email alerts and CSV download


RefineryScanner in numbers:

  • Up to 6 weeks prior notice of shutdown event            
  • Accurate monitoring of ~100 of the key refineries globally            
  • 15 million barrels per day of refining capacity tracked

RefineryScanner Process

RefineryScanner key features:

  • Easy to use interface
  • More accurately monitor refinery activity
  • View historic refinery intelligence

Your Advantages with RefineryScanner:

Effective & Fast - Icon

 Better predict refinery shutdowns up to 6 weeks before occurrence thanks to accurate activity-monitoring algorithms

Mapping applications - Icon

More detailed identification of specific refining units that will undergo maintenance

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

 Better quantify the impact of shutdowns on regional crude demand and refined product supply

User friendliness - Icon

Trade with more confidence by using a dataset independent of market rumours

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Stack Insight - Making Volume Calculation Easy

Stack Insight facilitates volume calculations and change detection, allowing operators to monitor their mines without sending people into the field.

This Monitoring service delivers volume measurement reports as well as change analysis over mines within 3 days after acquisition. Mainly used for the mining industry, this could be used for any type of stacks (paper, earth, minerals, wood, etc.).

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Stack Insight key features:

Combination of Two Offers:

  • Change Analysis: Change detection analysis reports to follow changes on active areas of extraction, including water bodies and other surface changes
  • Volumetric Calculation: Report with calculation of extracted ground and piles of excavated material or waste material

Your advantages with Stack Insight:

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Satellite-based calculation service with reliable coverage of any area worldwide with up to daily revisit capabilities

Cost efficient - Icon

Reduced costs due to the remote nature of the service and automated data analysis

Available Globally - Icon

Flexible access to the service from any location with an internet access

Safety first (human) - Icon

No need to send people on the ground (even in remote areas) and no hardware required on site

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Surface Movement Monitoring - Your Alternative to Terrestrial Surveying

Surface Movement Monitoring (SMM) provides measurements of ground surface movement (uplift or subsidence) with millimetre precision and high resolution from space. Our service supports you to ensure the security or effective performance of your project or activities. Input data from radar satellites such as TerraSAR-X, PAZ and Sentinel-1 are utilised. We provide individual baseline studies as well as long term monitoring requests and updated studies (for e.g. along multi-year oil and gas production or larger construction projects).

Access your results online via the SMM GeoView portal.

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Burgan is an oil field in Kuwait, the second largest worldwide. The extraction of oil from the ground during production causes reservoirs to compact and the surface to subside (here with a rate of up to 1.2 cm/year).

SMM GeoView

SMM GeoView is an online Viewer for surface movement measurement results. Individual user accounts allow for user specific visualisation of measurement results. The Portal provides interactive GIS functionalities and full access to the complete measurement time series.

For a demonstration access log in via the button below:

Surface Movement Monitoring key features:

  • One-Stop-Shop: We care for optimum satellite tasking and archive search
  • Large area coverage and high density of measurement points
  • Access to historic movement time series for every single measurement point
  • Online and offline access to measurements


Your advantages with Surface Movement Monitoring:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Measurement in millimetre range

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

High revisit frequency of TerraSAR-X / PAZ constellation allows monitoring of dynamic processes

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Large coverage and high density of measurement points allows analysis of spatially complex and small-scaled phenomena

Cost efficient - Icon

Remotely sensed input data from space minimising costs and risk for on-site staff

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Global Seeps - Offshore Oil Slick Database

Global Seeps is the World’s leading offshore oil seepage information product for the oil exploration industry. Global Seeps is a non-exclusive database of offshore oil slicks, constructed by systematically screening the world’s offshore basins using both archive and newly programmed radar satellite imagery. 

Oil seep information is valuable to oil exploration companies for the detection and monitoring of natural seepage and oil pollution on the ocean’s surface. It is a cost-effective resource for risk-ranking new exploration regions and for baseline oil pollution mapping.

Global Seeps key features:

  • Digital geo-coded calibrated data for the full scene at 100m resolution
  • Slick characterisation identifying natural seepage and man-made pollution
  • Annual subscription services available
  • Useful for screening of frontier basins & new licensing rounds, seismic planning & integration, planning surface geochemical programmes, assessing offshore and coastal activities and initial environmental risk assessment and impact statement 

Your advantages with Global Seeps:

High quality & Reliability - Icon

High-resolution radar data ensures all slicks are captured

Cost efficient - Icon

Risk ranking tool prior to new exploration

OGM applications - Icon

From slick characterisation identifying natural seepage and man-made pollution, to the slick interpretation results

Scalable to user need - Icon

Scalable and future proof
Continuously updated with new data and new areas

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Geological Studies - Geological Mapping and Interpretation

Our geologists offer a comprehensive range of onshore geological mapping services to the Oil, Gas and Mining industries, including structural and lithological interpretation and detailed fracture analysis utilising various sources of satellite imagery and Digital Elevation Models. 

Geological interpretation can be performed at a range of scales, from regional down to prospect scale or individual structure.

Geological Studies key features:

  • Identification of a wide range of features (e.g. orientation and dip of bedding surfaces, faults and their classification, fold axial traces and direction of fold plunge,stratigraphic boundaries, geomorphological features etc)
  • Non-exclusive studies off-the-shelf available for East Africa with a Madagascar extension, East Mediterranean, Iraq, Iran, Libya
  • Follow up propriety studies possible down to 1:5,000 scale using very high-resolution imagery and DEMs

Your advantages with Geological Studies:

Cost efficient - Icon

Cost-effective geological mapping for regional to prospect exploration

Available Globally - Icon

Consistent high scale surface geological mapping covering large regional areas

OGM applications - Icon

Seismic planning & integration

OGM applications - Icon

Planning surface geochemical programmes

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