Airbus has enhanced the OneAtlas Living Library imagery service by adding 30cm Pléiades Neo imagery. This new data source will complement the service which already allows users to instantly access a premium catalogue of Pléiades 50cm and SPOT 1.5m data via streaming, download and API. The Living Library provides frequent updates over urban areas, airports, harbours and military sites to name a few. Imagery is updated every day and processed in the cloud, with flexible options for integration into GIS workflows.

Pléiades Neo / Pléiades / SPOT Abu Dhabi Airport


With the OneAtlas Living Library, Airbus offers a pay-per-order option but also a subscription-based service that allows users to access premium content quickly available into their account, as well as a deeper archive of over 10 years imagery by Pléiades and SPOT satellites at a higher incidence angle and cloud coverage threshold, which will be available in just a few hours.

OneAtlas also provides access to several other data services, such as reactive tasking, that allows users to task a full suite of optical and radar satellites, including Pléiades Neo, or access over 15 years of global radar data, as well as the ability to download the WorldDEM product suite among others.


Image caption: Airbus 30cm and 1.5m data over the Abu Dhabi airport, available within the Living Library. Imagery between Pléiades Neo, Pléiades and SPOT 6/7 sensors are complimentary allowing users to easily train algorithms for machine learning purposes.
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