We are proud to announce the commercial opening of Pléiades Neo 3 imagery, the first of our four satellite constellation launched end of April 2021.

The primary set of images acquired just few days after the launch were breath-taking, and even before any adjustments. The commissioning phase which took place the weeks and months that followed, allowed fine-tuning this already impressive level of quality.

As of today, customers can order Pléiades Neo 3 data and task the satellite through OneAtlas platform to have access to 30cm native resolution data, combined with the largest swath and the highest geolocation accuracy available on the very high-resolution market.

The Pléiades Neo 4 satellite launched this summer is currently following the same calibration process, and its data should be made available within the next few weeks. 

Comprising four identical satellites, the 100% Airbus manufactured, owned and operated Pléiades Neo constellation offers a native resolution of 30cm with an imaging swath of 14km, the widest in its category. Thanks to their unmatched agility, the constellation will be able to cover the entire Earth landmass five times per year. The new satellites will work hand in hand with the existing Pléiades satellites and the rest of the Airbus dozen-strong Earth observation satellite fleet.

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Fabienne Grazzini
Communications - Airbus Defence and Space