Up and running for two years, OneAtlas has become a key digital asset for a large number of Airbus geospatial customers, who use the platform daily to access a very wide range of imagery products and AI- based analytics. It enables them to easily monitor economic activities and supports their decision-making.


OneAtlas offers immediate access to premium and fresh Airbus satellite imagery in streaming or download formats as well the ability to access a deeper historical archive of imagery within the platform. Satellite Imagery APIs from OneAtlas are also available to integrate into users’ GIS workflows. Coupled with industry-leading analytics from partners such as Preligens, Ecopia AI, Orbital Insight and Hyperverge, OneAtlas can provide both imagery and insights at scale, anywhere in the world.

“OneAtlas has become a key enabler for businesses who are looking to get accurate insights through Airbus satellite imagery. We are extremely proud to see how our data is helping to enable innovation with the solutions that our customers provide to help solve the challenges of tomorrow.” said François Lombard, Head of Intelligence Business at Airbus Defence and Space.

Companies worldwide have tapped into the potential of OneAtlas, using the services for a wide variety of applications such as: mapping real estate boundaries for development, tracking changes over construction projects, monitoring areas for development to provide population and census data to government agencies, as well as various applications for natural resource, asset and utility management.

4EI (4 Earth Intelligence), one of our best OneAtlas reseller, has been using the data services to transform the way organisations obtain value through geospatial analytics, turning satellite imagery into intelligence and actionable insight for analysing air quality, mapping terrestrial and marine habitats and assessing mangrove health. “The OneAtlas Platform enables innovative businesses to make use of big data analytics for the betterment of the planet” said David Critchley, CEO of 4EI.

Bird.i (part of Zonda), who has developed a data visualisation and analytics solution to help Real Estate professionals tracking home building activities in real time, has been one of the first to sign for OneAtlas. “We chose OneAtlas as part of our Real Estate Data Intelligence platform and have never looked back." said Corentin Guillo, founder of Bird.i.

During the Covid-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, ESA has supported research and development activities carried out by the European Data Cube Facility service. Part of the consortium, our reseller Sinergise has fed projects using OneAtlas data and developed analytics that measure the impact of the crisis on the European economy and society, such as the level of industrial activity and cross-border traffic.

In the coming months, Pléiades Neo 30cm data will become available within OneAtlas, giving users even more access to higher resolution data over key areas of interest, and expanding upon the applications that can be used for satellite imagery.




The Pléiades (50cm) imagery below shows monitoring over one of the piers in the harbor of San Diego, CA.

 Pléiades imagery - Harbor of San Diego, CA -31 January 2020
31 January 2020
 Pléiades imagery - Harbor of San Diego, CA - 14 June 2020
14 June 2020
 Pléiades imagery - Harbor of San Diego, CA - 01 March 2021
01 March 2021

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