Optaforce, a software solution developed by Airbus Defence and Space in partnership with start-up company COSLING to optimise the planning of aircraft maintenance, will be deployed on the French MIRAGE 2000 fleet in autumn 2019.

This innovative solution was developed as part of the OptiPlan Challenge launched in 2018 by the French defence procurement agency (DGA) via its DGA Lab, with the support of the French Aeronautical Maintenance Department (DMAé). Optaforce is based on a high-performance optimisation algorithm using Artificial Intelligence and offers an ergonomic interface that can generate multiple planning scenarios.

“In just three months, thanks to intensive collaboration with COSLING, we have successfully created a prototype that meets with the expectations of the DMAé,” said François Lombard, Director of Intelligence Business at Airbus Defence and Space. “Optaforce will help to better manage the resources of the French Air Force.” Optaforce will maximise aircraft availability, reduce maintenance costs and optimise the use of resources. It will also be possible to manage contingencies and easily reconfigure aircraft for new missions, thus saving time and improving fleet management.

“We built the algorithm by successive iterations integrating the suggestions and remarks of the Chief Warrant Officers as we proceeded. This agile operation allowed us to quickly develop a functional prototype, able to help all stakeholders in their decision making. It was great to build Optaforce with such motivated people and we will continue to work with Airbus and the French armed forces with pride and pleasure,” said Jean-Guillaume FAGES, Co-founder of COSLING.

In addition to managing the Mirage 2000 fleet, the Optaforce solution can be used to optimise the planning of other fleets in service with the French armed forces and, more generally, any fleet covered by a maintenance programme. Optaforce is currently on display at the Paris Air Show 2019 and can be seen at the stand of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces.

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