The French Navy has once again renewed its maintenance contract for the French Coastal Surveillance System , SPATIONAV, based on the Airbus STYRIS Coastal Surveillance System.

Built from a solid and successful collaboration over the last 20 years, Airbus will continue supporting the French authorities by providing real-time decision-making tools to monitor coastal maritime areas in order to quickly and appropriately respond to threats and incidents.

Thanks to SPATIONAV, over 6,000 kilometres of French coasts are monitored 24/7 by 750 operators from the French Navy, helping to safeguard national interests and people at sea, secure maritime traffic, fight against illicit activities as well as protect the environment.

Since 2002, there has been a progressive integration of new technological capabilities to answer the growing needs of the French authorities and cover maritime approaches for mainland France and the offshore territories of Mayotte, Martinique and French Guiana.

The upcoming developments include:

  • Implementation of additional functions within SPATIONAV
  • Increased security to improve interoperability and collaboration with partners
  • Real-time situational display
  • Data Lake for the collection of multi-source data
  • Improved system functionality such as symbology, zone detection, filtering and broadcasting of information
  • New web portal to simplify access to the full maritime situational picture

SPATIONAV today provides a coastal Recognised Maritime Picture that integrates over 10,000 real-time tracks coming from a wide network of sensors rolled out over 105 sites, 88 radars, 77 Automatic Identification System (AIS) stations and 8 equipped Falcons.

Additionally, it has the capacity to integrate and consolidate up to 30,000 tracks from other European and international partners, enabling a shared and optimised situational awareness with all the SPATIONAV community.