While a huge effort was being made to contain the spread of COVID-19, SPOT & Pléiades constellations continued to keep a watchful eye on other events that marked 2020.

Here is a selection of 3 events that hit the month of August 2020:

Pléiades collected the extent of the damage caused by the explosion in the Beirut Harbour. 

Pléiades Satellite Image - Beirut Harbour

The before and after Pléiades satellite images over the Arecibo Telescope in Puerto Rico. On the 1st December, this huge radio telescope which played a key role in astronomical discoveries for over half a century completely collapsed.
After Before Arecibo RadioTelescope

The Mauritian Prime Minister declared a state of environmental emergency on 7th August after a vessel ran aground on a coral reef in the Indian Ocean. Pléiades satellites monitored the oil spill, off the coast of Mauritius and help delineate the extent of the damage.
Pléiades Staellite Image - Mauritius