The review of satellite imagery allows the extraction of valuable information for organisations and critical businesses worldwide. Airbus has the human expertise to run deep analysis on these images and provide you with the exact information to help you answer the most complex and specific needs. This expertise is now available through our Smart Report service

Focus on your core activities, we take care of the rest: our team selects the best sensor to address your needs, proceeds to the feasibility study and begins the analysis. You then receive the detailed report with the required information. The report is delivered in geoPDF with the vectors and the satellite image as an option.

Smart report for various applications

  • Defence and Security:
    - Detailed GEOINT report on Military infrastructure monitoring 
    - Border control, Order of Battle (ORBAT)
    - Battle Damage Assessment (BDA)
    - Collateral Damage Assessment (CDA)
  • Oil, Gas and Energy:
    - Wind Turbines optimision
    - Cartography of oil and gas distribution systems
    - Oil and gas quantity calculation with deep analysis
    - Monitoring the security of oil and gas infrastructure
    - Dam modelisation
  • Urbanism and Infrastructure:
    - Monitor constructions works for timely delivery
    - Detect illegal constructions
    - Cadastral survey
  • Disaster and Insurance:
    - Natural disaster assessment
    - Cartography of damaged hectares and infrastructures
    - Large scale fire monitoring
    - Pre-evaluation of potential risks
    - Insurance cost estimation linked to damaged loss

Key benefits:

  • Tailored report
  • Human verification
  • Secured and confidential
  • Limit risk and human intervention
  • Save costs
  • Time saving

Our team are on hand to advice you how your organization can benefit from our satellite imagery expertise.

Please contact our team for more information.

Your advantages with Smart Report:

  • Reliable and fast: Direct access to insight and the information you need analysed by human expertise
  • Easy: We provide the answer to your question
  • Adaptable: The report can suit any request based on imagery analysis.