A wonderful way to discover Pléiades Neo 30cm resolution images !

After applying to this Challenge, our teams are going to select projects that fits the most with our criterias and possibilities. Then, we will give you an access to our OneAtlas Plateform to access Pléiades Neo images in the archive or by tasking, thanks to an allocated budget dedicated to every project. We will collaborate together to meet your needs and from this point, you can start discovering all what Pléiades Neo images offers.

A unique way to use and test our images in real life situation!

During a few months, you will access our images according to your needs. Thanks to Pléiades Neo images, you will create a complete project that can contribute to improve some aspects of your work, skills and maybe our lives in some cases. Testing our images in real life situation enables to apply them to different markets and imagine the future of its commercial use.

A very special opportunity!

This project is going to be a special collaboration together that can obviously brings something good for both of us. Our goal is that you can explore new possibilities thanks to your expertise and creativity. Pléiades Neo enables to think for the future and you can be part of it.

How to apply?

Please find enclosed our Pléiades Neo Challenge brochure that explains the whole process of this adventure, with all the characteristics of our images, our criteria’s for projects selection and the dedicated calendar.
You must read and accept the dedicated terms and conditions before participating to the Pléiades Neo Challenge.
You must also accept the dedicated license enclosed to participate to the Pléiades Neo Challenge.
Then, follow the link here to fill in your submission form.

If you have any question, feel free to contact our team at intelligence-pleiades-neo-challenge@airbus.com