New products have joined the Airbus Intelligence portfolio: Pléiades Neo HD15, Pléiades Neo mosaics and Elevation 0.5.

Almost one year ago we released Pléiades Neo to the market and we still have a few weeks before the launch of Pléiades Neo 5 and 6 that will complete the Pléiades Neo constellation. Discover the new Pléiades Neo Advanced products that are joining the Pléiades Neo portfolio.


Aimed at improving the visual rendering of the Pléiades Neo imagery, HD15 is produced using an in-house and proprietary algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The new resolution allows:

  • Brighter colors of the image
  • Sharper details

It is produced using a proprietary algorithm.  (Production is based on archive imagery only with an incidence angle between 0 and 20°)

Pléiades Neo 15cm Grand Palais - Paris
Pléiades Neo HD15 Grand Palais - Paris - © Airbus DS 2022


Pléiades Neo Mosaic

On-demand seamless color-balanced mosaic and fully automatic (Production based on archive imagery only).

Pléiades Neo © Airbus DS 2022

Pléiades Neo Mosaic


Elevation 0.5

On-demand Pléiades Neo DSM. High precision surface model based on Pléiades Neo stereo images.

Pléiades Neo © Airbus DS 2022

Elevation 0.5: On-demand Pléiades Neo DSM