Reactive tasking and
intra-day revisit capabilities

Pléiades Neo provides users with 30cm native resolution satellite imagery, including reactive tasking capabilities and intraday revisit over any point on Earth. Our exquisite-class system offers a high geolocation accuracy and deeper spectral band information, allowing more insights to be derived for various applications.

Learn how to:

  • Access a new source of 30cm satellite imagery.
  • Use this satellite constellation's agility to make a difference - get a glimpse into an acquisition plan!
  • Benefit from the resolution and accuracy of this data.
  • Access other data types from Airbus - 50cm & 1.5m data via OneAtlas

Data is at the heart of everything today, but we know that it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” matter. Our approach is to offer multi-source, multi-resolution data combining optical imagery from Pléiades Neo, Pléiades, SPOT, Vision-1, DMC and our Radar Constellation to provide higher resolution, greater revisits and more acquisition capabilities. We offer flexible and scalable data purchasing options to fit the needs of all types of users and applications.