The JUICE Airbus-built space probe will explore the three icy moons of Jupiter: Europa, Callisto and Ganymede with the objective of finding water and traces of life.

The space probe will encounter extreme environmental conditions during its 8-year trip, including very high and low temperatures, particularly during its flybys over three planets on its journey to Jupiter. We have the chance to take a closer look at the Jovian system: Pléiades Neo 30cm resolution satellite has been directed towards Jupiter and captured these incredible images of the giant gas planet and some of its natural satellites. See below:

Satellite of Jupiter - Europe

"Europa", one of the natural satellites of Jupiter.

Eclipse of the satellite Europe on Jupiter

The wonderful spectacle of the eclipse of Jupiter’s moon "Europa", which occurs when "Europa" is positioned directly between the Sun and Jupiter. The dark mark on the left is the shadow of "Europa" cast onto the ground of Jupiter.

Three out of four moons of Jupiter: « Io », « Ganymède » and« Europe »


Three out of the four moons of Jupiter: «Io», «Ganymede» and «Europa».

Four moons of Jupiter: « Io », « Ganymède », « Europe » and « Callisto »


All four of Jupiter’s moons: «Io», «Ganymede», «Europa» and «Callisto».