Led by the polar explorers, the Norwegian Børge Ousland and the Frenchman Vincent Colliard, IceLegacy aims the crossing the 20 largest ice fields on earth bridging adventure, science and awareness on glaciers conservation.

Airbus supported several expeditions with SPOT 6/7 images to prepare the road on the ice fields and avoid crevasses but also to continue their progress without visibility in the mist or the blizzard.

By collecting samples on these extreme territories, Icelegacy contributing to several scientific studies. Glaciers are in fast decline due to rising temperature and they are crucial as a fresh water source for millions of people worldwide. The project combines athletic prowess, human adventure and the sharing of knowledge about the polar environment.

Vincent Colliard Ice Caps Adventure with SPOT6

Vincent Colliard - Stikine
Vincent Colliard explorer - Passage sleds
Vincent Colliard - Icecliff
SPOT 6 Satellite Image - Stikine river - Icecap
Map screen of SPOT6 - Icelegacy
Vincent Colliard explorer 
Vincent Colliard - Stikine river - crevasse