Iceberg A74 breaks away from the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica


Our high-resolution Vision-1 imagery has perfectly captured the breakaway of the A74 Iceberg from the Brunt Ice Shelf in the Antarctic region, as recently reported across the World’s media.

The iceberg believed to be in excess of 1,270 sq km, was close to the Halley Research Station led by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) as a base, first established in 1956, to study the Earth's atmosphere.

Scientists continuously monitor fissures that appear in the region for any major changes. It was following acceleration in the movement of the North Rift that prompted BAS to relocate the Halley station in 2016/2017 well ahead of the Iceberg breakaway.

Our Vision-1 images show before and after the breakaway.

The first image acquired on 12th February, shows that just the fissure is visible from space. In the second image, captured on 27th February 2021, you can see an almost 2km drift just hours after the complete breakaway of the iceberg from the Brunt Ice Shelf.