Users now have access to Ecopia’s industry-leading Vector Map extraction capabilities within OneAtlas that provide high-accuracy land use/land cover solutions that include 12+ core features.


  • Detail: high-accuracy extraction of 12+ class land use solution, including building footprints and roads
  • High Accuracy: first accuracy for any location intelligence or GIS application using advanced machine learning technology
  • Freshness of Data: up-to-date OneAtlas imagery using our Fresh Premium archive or tasking
  • Fast Delivery, at Scale: scale quickly across the globe to meet your needs in a fraction of the time
High accuracy map extraction illustration benefits

Key applications

Land administration

  • Flood Modelling, Mapping & Risk Assessment
  • Stormwater Drainage Assessment & Property Taxation
  • Smart Cities
  • Road & Transportation


  • Flood Plain Risk Assessment
  • Distance to Forest & Vegetation
  • Swimming Pool Identification

Humanitarian Relief

  • Global Health
  • Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Planning

To learn more about the High Accuracy Map Extraction Capabilities, watch the quick demo video below:

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