Geospatial Intelligence Centres

A modular solution that grows with your needs

Defence and security decisions rely on up-to-date intelligence that has taken relevant multisource datasets into account. This requires innovative tools, which allow for the collation, processing, analysis and refining of available information to give decision makers the ability to quickly see an overview of a situation or detail.

Industry-leading geospatial experts you can rely on

Geospatial Intelligence Centres - Experts

With over 30 years of experience and the world’s largest combined optical and radar satellite constellation, Airbus is the industry’s leading geospatial expert. Solutions are built around the operational customer requirements – not just looking at one source but also integrating a variety of datasets to provide timely, accurate intelligence.

State-of-the-art processing and data power

Capturing and processing data is what we do best. Our intelligence and defence specialists constantly develop and advance our solutions, ensuring that our customers get the most accurate, timely and useful intelligence in the sector.

Airbus: a long-term partner you can always rely on

Our solutions are built on mutual trust and strong relationships with our customers. Throughout and after implementation, if desired, Airbus provides professional training, as well as assistance and support – all to ensure customers are getting most out of the implemented technology.

Solutions that grow with your specific operational requirements

Our approach is modular and bespoke. We have off-the-shelf starter solutions, providing your team with cost-effective tools. If your requirements change or grow over time, it’s not a problem – you can easily add new operational capabilities to perfectly match your evolving requirements.

Guaranteed usefulness

Our solutions come with a 1-year warranty, as well as training and support as a standard. The system is highly flexible, allowing you to import almost any dataset format, providing you with the most useful, integrated solution on the market.

IMINT Starter Kit

Cost-effective, off-the-shelf image visualisation and exploitation software.

GEOINT Starter Kit

The IMINT Starter Kit’s counterpart – a cost-effective geospatial software suite to visualise and combine data on a virtual 3D globe.

Basic GEOINT Center

A geospatial intelligence starter centre, combining image analysis and geospatial software with a secure datacentre hardware.

Primary GEOINT Center

Building on the Basic GEOINT Centre, this more advanced and larger-scale version includes disconnected web-access, integrating OSINT data.

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