After the decommissioning of SPOT 5 back in 2015 and 13 years of outstanding service, it is with mixed emotions that we announce that Airbus DS Geo SA has taken the decision to stop the production and distribution of SPOT 1-5 satellite imagery.

This means from 1 August 2020, SPOT 1-5 data will no longer be available in our catalogue and therefore it will not be possible to order this through our GeoStore web ordering portal or traditionally through our customer service team. However, derived off-the-shelf SPOT5 products, such as SPOTMaps or Elevation30, are still available to order.

This historical SPOT constellation has been successfully operational across the last three decades, collecting from 20m to 2.5m high-resolution data spanning over 100 billion km² and covering more than 700 times the Earth’s land mass.

Keeping a watchful eye on our changing planet, SPOT 1-5 satellites have served many applications from defence to environment, not to mention mapping and agriculture. The constellation also enabled our company to revolutionize the satellite imagery market, being the first to offer tasking services for commercial requests.


Today, let’s take a look back at some of the wonderful images acquired over the years and across the globe!