4 Earth Intelligence (4EI) is a leading global provider of innovative geospatial products and Earth observation analysis services. We take satellite imagery and all forms of spatial data and convert it into information about our world for government, business and individuals. Our technical skills provide objective, consistent and repeatable insights for clients across the globe.

Working globally since 2015, with offices in the Uk and Abu Dhabi, we help governmental and private clients use satellite data to unlock intelligence and insights to help make informed decisions. We take pride in designing, building and delivering data and analysis in the most cost-effective way possible to provide geospatial insight and intelligence about health, risk and the future state of natural assets.

Very High Resolution satellite data is critical to meeting the needs for many of our clients - the richness of the content, resolution and currency provides insights for a range of solutions from assessing agricultural claims to delivering humanitarian aid. We have been working with Airbus from our inception and have always found the solution we need with support from their outstanding team.

David Critchley, CEO of 4 Earth Intelligence - 4EI, a member of the Airbus Defence and Space Reseller Network since 2019, provided some insights about his relationship with Airbus : “With Airbus, OneAtlas (…) is putting the power of big data, analytics and processing into the hands of small multimedia companies like 4EI and their clients”.