Airbus Defence and Space and German start-up Rasdaman GmbH are joining forces to develop the next generation Earth Observation (EO) services.

Under the collaboration, Airbus is providing its Earth observation expertise and products, including its new WorldDEM Neo digital elevation model, which surveys the entire globe at a resolution of 5 x 5 meters. Rasdaman is bringing its Datacube technologies to the table. Datacubes are the multi-dimensional arrangement of data that allows large volumes of space and geospatial data to be processed and analyzed efficiently and accurately.

This collaboration will pave the ground for a dynamic and better accurate version of the Copernicus Digital Elevation Model (CopDEM Neo) for analytics in the cloud. The CopDEM is a Digital Surface Model (DSM) that represents the Earth’s surface. The current version is based on the WorldDEM but, in the future, it could be upgraded by using the updated and better accurate WorldDEM Neo (5x5m resolution).
The combination of WorldDEM Neo and Rasdaman datacube technologies enables users to create complex time series and multi-sensor analyses, covering a large spectrum of applications, from change detection to disaster management, and from security applications to volume measurement for mining.
 WorldDEM Neo - The North of Munich, Germany
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The digital elevation model WorldDEM Neo offers a resolution of 5x5m. To see here: The North of Munich, Germany