Submerged Isles in Solomon Islands

The vegetation is still present on the image SPOT 5 acquired in July 2011, whereas on the SPOT 7 image captured in October 2017, the waves roll over submerged lands.

Climate change serie - Submerged isles in Solomon Islands

Glaciers Retreat in Spitsbergen

Two SPOT 6 images show the retreat of glaciers near Spitsbergen, Northern Norway.

Climate change serie - Glaciers retreat in Spitsbergen

Hurricane Matthew Hits Haiti

On 4th October 2016, the eye of Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful hurricane on record in almost a decade, slowly crossed the south-west of Haiti.

Climate change serie - Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti

El Niño Dries up Lake Poopó in Bolivia

In 2015, the intensity of the El Niño seasonal weather pattern caused Lake Poopó in Bolivia to completely dry out. Two SPOT 6/7 constellation images clearly show the effects of the ecological disaster.

Climate change serie - El Niño dries up Lake Poopó in Bolivia

WorldDEM™ Supports Identification of Hazard Zones Threatened by  the Rise of Sea-Levels

The WorldDEM data delivered a very precise representation of inundated areas, even for areas further inland.

Climate change serie - WorldDEM supports identification of hazard zones threatened by sea-level rise

Woolsey fire in in California

SPOT and Pléiades satellite constellations have captured images of the devastating wildfires in the county of Los Angeles.

SPOT 6 False Color - Woolsey Fire California (square format)

Flowers Bloom in the Atacama Desert, Chile

On the Pléiades image acquired in December 2012, the sands and rocks testify to the aridity of the region. In the later Pléaides image, the flowers invade the dry landcape forming a carpet of mauve, yellow and multiple shades of green.

Climate change serie - Flowering of the Atacama Desert, Chile

SPOT 6/7 Maps Wildfires in Yosemite National Park

The SPOT 6 image captured on 5th September 2013, shows two fires still active in the Yosemite Valley. With the near-infrared band appearing very distinct in the burnt areas.

Climate change serie - SPOT 6/7 fires in Yosemite National Park

The Slow Erosion of the Indian Isle of Ghoramara

The reduction of the size of the island is clearly visible between the image 20m resolution SPOT 1 image taken in March 1989 and the image SPOT 7 image from November 2016.

Climate change serie - The slow erosion of the Indian Isle of Ghoramara

Detection and Observation of Toxic Gulfweed in Martinique Using SPOT 6/7

On 18th October 2014, Airbus collected 18,000 of SPOT 6/7 imagery, from which the experts at Airbus DS identified 678 seaweed slicks.

Climate change serie - Toxic gulfweed in Martinique with SPOT 6/7

Mangroves Retreat in Saloum Delta, Senegal

Two SPOT 6 images show the decline of the Atlantic facade of the delta, resulting in the disappearance of mangroves.

Climate change serie - Mangroves retreat in Saloum Delta, Senegal