Pléiades has captured the extent of the damage caused by the explosion in Beirut Harbour. The comparison between the image acquired the day after the incident to an image acquired on 25 January 2020 helps to not only understand the scale, but also the level of damaged to the area. The data has been provided, at ESA’s request, to the Copernicus Emergency Management Services – Mapping Team, and is helping local rescue crews to coordinate relief efforts on-the-ground.


They used our imagery


Shadowbreak Image - Beirut

Airbus Imagery analysis by ShadowBreak Intl over Beirut, shows the area that was affected on Aug 4 and indicates minimal damage to the machinery in the local mills, which was at the edge of the 2km radius of the explosion. If so, the productivity and usage of these sites shall continue unhindered, limiting the impact on the Lebanese economy as well as food supply. Learn more

Orbital Insight

Orbital Insight Image - Beirut

Orbital Insight, an Airbus partner, used SPOT imagery to analyze the Beirut explosion with geospatial analytics, helping government analysts, NGOs and first responders gain visibility into the catastrophe. Learn more