We are delighted to announce that Airbus’ Vision-1 has joined the European Space Agency’s Third Party Mission Programme, an initiative that fosters international collaboration to promote the delivery of accessible Earth observation data, supporting cutting-edge science and the development of a wide range of operational applications

Vision-1, provides sub-metre optical imagery to support activities across many applications including urban planning, agricultural monitoring, land classification, natural resource management and disaster monitoring.

The high-resolution data combined with the satellite’s rapid revisit capability makes Vision-1 highly suited to the remote monitoring of key industrial and environmental sites, where access may be restricted or difficult to access on the ground. Vision-1 imagery can reveal in detail how these areas are changing, helping to guide environmental management efforts, as well as supporting supply chain analysis and supporting market intelligence across a number of industries.

In addition, the ability of Vision-1 to provide very detailed imagery at high-frequency intervals is playing an important role in efforts to tackle urgent global challenges.

Along with other Earth Observation missions, Vision-1 makes active contributions to the International Charter for Space and Major Disasters, which delivers free and timely satellite data to accelerate humanitarian responses to natural and human-induced catastrophes.figuration enabled significant time saving, with only four days needed to pass both the three axes Sine testing and the acoustic test.