The French Government unveiled the list in 2022 of the 126 municipalities threatened by coastal erosion and the retreat of the coastline accentuated by climate change. Initially, 126 cities are affected by this regulation out of 864 cities recognized as vulnerable to marine flooding.

All of these metropolitan and overseas cities (are now available in Pléiades Neo, constituting a repository for future prospective studies. These municipalities must regularly map threatened areas to serve as the basis for new rules including home relocations, building bans and coastal developments. Regular satellite mapping of the coasts makes it possible to identify points of vulnerability and their evolution, especially after a devastating storm.
These measures contribute to impact studies on the environment but also on the living environment and on economic, tourist and maritime activities.

See below:

Pléiades Neo - North of Bretagne, France
Pléiades Neo - North of Bretagne
Pléiades Neo - Normandie, France
Pléiades Neo - Normandie
Pléiades Neo - Manche, France
Pléiades Neo - Manche
Pléiades Neo - South of Bretagne, France
Pléiades Neo - South of Bretagne
Pléiades Neo - Loire region, France
Pléiades Neo - Loire region
Pléiades Neo - North of Aquitaine, France
Pléiades Neo - North of Aquitaine
Pléiades Neo - South of Aquitaine, France
Pléiades Neo - South of Aquitaine
Pléiades Neo - Occitanie, France
Pléiades Neo - Occitanie
Pléiades Neo - PACA, France
Pléiades Neo - Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur region
Pléiades Neo - Guadeloupe, France
Pléiades Neo - Guadeloupe
Pléiades Neo - Martinique, France
Pléiades Neo - Martinique
Pléiades Neo - Guyane, France
Pléiades Neo - Guyane