The Great Mosaic of Loire-Atlantique

Airbus has sponsored the installation of a huge SPOT 6/7 mosaic in the entrance hall of the Loire-Atlantique Departmental Agency, providing an original and entertaining way to see an area of around 6,880km².

Installed on the floor, at over 45km², a huge SPOT 6/7 mosaic shows the French Loire-Atlantique region at a scale of 1:20,000. The image was unveiled on 30 May 2018 in the entrance hall of Loire-Atlantique Departmental Agency, a public engineering organisation offering multi-disciplinary expertise to build a quality living environment for the inhabitants of Loire-Atlantique.

An Entertaining Way to Discover the Areas

The map is an entertaining way to discover the areas within the territory. The Atlantic coast, the Loire and its estuary and the city of Nantes are the most easily identifiable features. Thanks to the image's 1.5m resolution, shipyards, vineyards, Grand-Lieu Lake and marshes, market gardens and flax plantations, as well as Nantes-Atlantique international airport can also all be seen.

Great Mosaic

Landscape Workshops for Schoolchildren

Theme-based panels focusing on geography, human settlement, landscape units and administrative organisation highlight some of the key points and the particulars of the area.

This educational material is provided by the CAUE (Council for Architecture, Urban Planning and the Environment), which carries out its public information and awareness mission within the Loire-Atlantique Departmental Agency. This tremendous tool will be used to run landscape workshops for schoolchildren starting in 2019.

Landscape workshops for schoolchildren - Great Mosaic case study

Loire-Atlantique Développement

"By providing a general view, the satellite image is an original way of seeing and understanding the dynamics of a territory at the heart of today's energy, digital, demographic and ecological transitions."
Olivier Bessin
General Manager, Loire-Atlantique développement

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