Location Based Services: Ensuring Digital Map Quality

OneAtlas offers several options for updated imagery through our Basemap and Living Library services.


For developers of digital mapping services, keeping their mapping databases up to date and free from errors is an ongoing challenge in a rapidly changing world.


OneAtlas Basemap is a worldwide 1.5m layer of the highest grade satellite imagery


The OneAtlas Basemap, featured here, is a worldwide 1.5m layer made from our highest grade satellite imagery and is constantly refreshed. You can access it though an API, or download it into your own GIS.

Special resolution


The OneAtlas Living Library is an online Earth observation satellite data service comprised of global data layers and fresh acquisitions of 50cm-resolution Pléiades and 1.5m SPOT imagery filtered for quality.

The background image displays the Living Library coverage over San Francisco. A subscription to the service allows users to zoom and pan the full resolution imagery, as well as stream or download the data to your GIS.

In the Living Library, Pléiades data has a maximum cloud cover of 15% with an incidence angle not exceeding 30 degrees. For SPOT, the parameters are 5% and 20 degrees.

New data is added daily, and subscribers will soon be able to request alerts when their Area of Interest (AOI) is covered with a new acquisition.


Technicians working on digital map databases can find their AOI in the Living Library to determine if recent imagery corrects or confirms reported errors in their own data sets.

Once notified of an error in their database, an online map developer can instantly access recently acquired Pléiades and SPOT (0.5m and 1.5m respectively) imagery of their AOI - no matter how small - from inside their mapping software environment to view and correct mistakes or inaccuracies related to the existence or location of new features.

The image shown here is a 0.5m Pléiades image, streamed from the Living Library showing construction in the San Francisco area. Image was acquired on April 8, 2019.

There is fierce competition among online mapping services to ensure their users' experiences are accurate and up to date.

Satellite Image from San fransisco Ensuring Digital Map Quality with Airbus´ OneAtlas  case study

OneAtlas Access through mobile phone

  • Instant access to premium Airbus data, in streaming or download format
  • Subscription based platform, renew whenever you need to
  • Subscribers also have access to the mobile app. Search, discover and streaming imagery from your mobile device
  • No minimums required

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