Supporting Insurance Applications using OneAtlas Imagery and Ecopia Vector Maps

OneAtlas Analytics offers high accuracy map extraction capabilities using industry-leading Vector Map data from Ecopia, which enable users to quickly build mapping layers that are typically resource intensive.

Insurers require the latest geospatial data to make critical decisions and accurate underwriting assessments that impact bottom-line revenue. However, many struggle with timely extraction and delivery of land use layers used to determine a property’s distance from vegetation, location in a flood zone, or other location-based risk factors.

Acquiring and accessing fresh imagery is easy with OneAtlas. Available in streaming, download or API, our imagery services provide access to premium or historical data, ready to use from the platform in your GIS tool. 

With OneAtlas Analytics, take our imagery services one step further to get high accuracy map extraction products based on highly accurate satellite imagery from OneAtlas.

OneAtlas Analytics offers high-accuracy map extraction with outputs such as land use/land cover, building footprints, and road Vector Map data provided by Ecopia. This technology enables property and casualty insurers to manage portfolio risk more quickly and intuitively than ever before, forgoing the need for tedious manual extraction. From wildfire to flooding, Airbus’ extraction capabilities deliver high-resolution imagery and high-accuracy land use/land cover to help insurers better understand the manmade and natural worlds to better mitigate risk.  

High-accuracy extraction of 12+ land use/land cover classifications, including building footprints and roads produced by Ecopia.

  • High Accuracy: best-in-class accuracy for any location intelligence or GIS application using advanced machine learning technology
  • Freshness of Data: up-to-date OneAtlas imagery using our Fresh Premium archive or tasking services
  • Fast Delivery, at Scale: scale quickly across the globe to meet your needs in a fraction of the time
  • Flood Plain Risk Assessment: Identify properties and assets that are in flood zones by overlaying flood plain vector data layers
  • Distance to Forest & Vegetation: Accurately measure the distance of a property from vegetation, gauging the wildfire risk across a portfolio
  • Swimming Pool Identification: Empower insurance companies to better determine risk factors attributed to swimming pools on a property

Building footprint Vector Map data from Ecopia shows before/after imagery over Talent, Oregon from the 2020 wildfires in a suburban area.


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